Premier Flex Lite

Premier Flex Lite Liner has the same quality and technology as our standard Premier Flex Liner except it is much lighter. It is constructed of .010″ thick steel as opposed to the standard heavy wall .015″ thick steel. The thinner steel has the durability of the heavy wall liner but at a more manageable weight. […]

Premier Flex Heavywall Liner

Premier Flex is extremely durable and made from .015 Stainless Steel. It features an interlocked design to maximize strength and flexibility. It’s the most rugged liner we recommend for those tight winch-able situations. Premier Flex 316 can be used for all fuel burning appliances including; wood, wood pellet, oil, gas, and corn. Premier Flex 304 […]

Smoothwall Liner 316

Smoothwall Liner (SW) that has superior flexibility with a high BTU capacity. Its smooth interior allows for more airflow, reducing drag by 20% over traditional corrugated liners. Smoothwall is made from 2-ply 316 stainless steel which makes it ideal for any application. It is compatible with our all fuel components or with our wood or […]

Aluminum Liner

2-Ply 3003 aluminum liner can be used to vent Category I gas appliances with A.F.U.E. of 83% or lower. In many cases, especially when only water heaters are vented into masonry flues, the gas appliances are vented into oversized flues. This practice may cause serious condensation and performance problems. By relining the chimney with National […]

M-FLEX Liner

M-FLEX liner is made from 316L stainless steel and is designed to reline existing chimneys or to be used in new construction. National Chimney manufactures M-FLEX liner from the highest grade mill certified stainless steel alloy. It is made from a continuous strip of 7-ply stainless steel that is interlocked and crimped to produce a […]